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The rules are pretty basic and straightforward. If you do not follow them, you will lose points for your house. Breaking major rules may result in expulsion from hogwartsorting.

Applicant Rules
1. You must be 13 or older to become a member (this is a Live Journal rule and one that we will adhere to).
2. Respect members. Do not make snide remarks to anything a member says in their vote, or you may be rejected.
3. To make sure that you have read these rules we would like you to place your favorite Harry Potter character on the subject line when posting an application.
4. ELABORATE!!! The more details you have in your application, the easier it will be to sort you. Lack of elabortation may result in suspension. Don't be afraid to tell stories, ramble, rant or rave! This helps us sort you and give us a better feel of who you are!
5. If you don't understand a question, feel free to contact Headmistress Amber at hogwartsortinghm@yahoo.com or on AIM at hogwartsortingHM. Remember, there are no stupid questions!
6. Don't post anything except your application until you are stamped into your House. This may result in expulsion.

General Rules
1. Respect all members, no matter what they're position is in the community.
2. Stay active. Vote applications, join classes, do your homework, and participate in the compititions. We do understand that you have a life and cannot always carry out your duties as a student. However, we do expect a certain level of commitment to the community.
3. Do not retalliate. If an applicant comments with some nasty remark, let it go, or you will lose points for your house.
4. When voting do not post anonymously. Anonymous votes will not be counted. If you forget to log in, you may respond to your vote, saying that it was yours and you forgot to log in.
5. In the subject line of your vote, please put the name of the house you are voting for.
6. At the bottom of your vote, you should put your name and house. All sig tags must be 200 pixels by 50 pixels. No exceptions!
7. Every vote will recieve 1 point. Explaining yourself thoroughly will earn you an extra point; 2 total. Points earned will be tallied when the applicant is stamped.
8. Heads of Houses, Keeper of the Grounds, Head Boy and Girl and Teachers have the power to award or take away points. When you feel you need to do this, you should email the Headmistress (hogwartsortinghm@yahoo.com) with the following form in the body.

Here is an example:

Name: Amber
House: None
Position: Headmistress
Points awarded/taken away: Awarded
To/From: Deputy Headmistress Erin
Because: She stood up for Emmy when she was being challenged in her vote.

Remember, this is ONLY an example!


If you fail to do so, your application will be rejected and you will be told where elaboration is necessary. You get two chances to post your application. After it is rejected the second time, you will be banned from the community.

staygoldgreaser, Amber

Deputy Headmisstress
akaerin, Erin

Head of Gryffindor
Head of Ravenclaw
Head of Hufflepuff
Head of Slytherin

Head Boy

Head Girl

Slytherin Prefects
2 Spots Available
Gryffindor Prefects
2 Spots Available
Ravenclaw Prefects
2 Spots Available
Hufflepuff Prefects
2 Spots Available

Coming soon!

Last updated 2/24/06

Hufflepuff, 30
Slytherin, 12
Gryffindor, 6
Ravenclaw, 6

House Communities
Once you're sorted, you can join your House.

The Great Hall
The Great Hall is located at hgwrtsgreathall. As this is a new subcommunity to hogwartsorting, all new and old members alike should join asap!

Classes are taught at hogwart_classes. You must sign up for at least one class. Participation is mandatory. The only exemption is teaching a class. New classes will begin sometime in March.

Teachers Needed!
If you would like to teach a class, contact the Headmistress as soon as possible. You should start on your Syllabi as soon as you are given the job. If you don't, I'm going to have to give the position to someone else!

Competitions will be starting up again soon. The next competition will be promotion, to recruit new members. Soon, details will be posted at the new House Cup sub community, hogwarts_cup.

Earn points by promoting us!
If you promote this community in a way NOT considered to be SPAM and somebody signs up as a result, you will be awarded points for your house. Here are some banners you should feel free to use:


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