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12 March 2006 @ 08:48 am
Dear hogwartsorting,

I have decided that I want to completely start over. When I took over for former Headmaster Matthew, I tried to run things as he did. I want to run things my way.

So, I have decided that we will transfer to a new community sometime this month. Of course, I'll need your help!

I want any and all active members to email me by Sunday, March 19 at 8pm EST. There are many people who pop in and out occasionally, and I ask that those people to commit to the group. I hate to see great people leave because they weren't completely committed when they could have been.

Next, I would like to announce that all HoHs and the Deputy Headmistress will be removed from their positions when we move to the new community. I just want other people to have a chance to apply for the positions. I know Erin has been DH since I because Headmistress and before that, and I'm sure there are many people who would like to at least apply for the position.
If no one applies for your post, on request, you may return to it. IF YOU WANT IT BACK, you must ask!!

Third; you may be wondering about this community change. I am going to create a new community with new sub comms, so I can truly say I started over. I will choose the names of the communities, but, of course, I'm going to need your help!! If you have any creative ideas, please let me know!! I hope to open the new community on April 1, so please get your ideas in ASAP!!

If you need anything, please contact me at hogwartsortinghm@yahoo.com.

Headmistress Amber